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Are you looking for Winter Check for your vehicle?

As winter approaches, people start taking extra care of themselves. Similarly, your car needs extra care to sustain the chilly weather. Accidents and vehicle skids are a common factor in snowy or slippery roads.

To prepare your ride for the winter battle, Deesand MOT & Tyres offers car winter check service. Our expert technicians check various components of your car to rectify or replace them accordingly.

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Winter care checklist

A thorough inspection of the car before winter will eradicate problems, thereby promoting a healthy vehicle. Here are some of the factors for car winter checks to enjoy hassle-free journeys during winter.


A vehicle's coolant is a crucial component during winters for a smooth running engine. The prime object of coolant is to prevent corrosion inside the car's cooling system. Therefore, coolant should be flushed and refilled every few years. Moreover, a combination of glycol and water avoids freezing the engine during winters.


The chemical reaction, which helps in battery operation, slows down during extreme cold temperature. Your car requires more energy to operate, and it is essential to run a battery load test to check battery performance. At our facility, we additionally check the battery cables and fluid quantity to offer superior vehicle services. Modern vehicles with AGM batteries are very sensitive to a drop or fluctuation in voltage. It can affect the central electrical systems first even though the vehicle may still start. 


Wipers are again the crucial component of a car during winters. When there's heavy snowfall or rain, wipers must operate appropriately for a clear view while driving. So, we refill the wiper fluids which has antifreeze properties and replace the wiper blades if necessary to cope with the colder wet weather.


Tyres support vehicle motion, but if their treads is worn out, it can create a risky situation. It is, therefore, a smart option to switch summer tyres with winter tyres which can sustain fall of temperature. Moreover, these tyres are made of soft rubber and come with deep treads and asymmetric patterns which help maintain traction on snowy roads. At our garage, we have access to a large assortment of winter tyres from renowned brands like Michelin, Continental, Dunlop, etc.


During winters the view turns foggy and hazy, which causes traffic jams and road incidents. Therefore, it is mandatory to check both the internal and external lights and their illumination power. We also check the head, fog and tail lamps to secure your safer drive.

Engine Oil

The engine of the car needs lubrication to operate, but cold weather restricts its ability to circulate by thickening it. Hence, it is crucial to refill thin and fresh oil into the engine. As low viscous oil moves freely and helps in the smooth functioning of the system. 


Roads during winter are slippery and wet, which increases the risk of car skidding and accidents. So, the smooth operation of the braking system is necessary during winter for safety. Our team of experts check your car's brake system and replace the required parts at an affordable price.

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