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Are you looking for Exhausts Service for your vehicle?

Did you know that any fault in the car exhaust system can make it fail the MOT test?

Further, it also affects the vehicle’s overall roadworthiness and performance. Hence, steer clear of such implications and opt for an exhaust service Havant from Deesand Limited.

We are one of the best in the business of comprehensive vehicular services at cost-effective rates. Our team of mechanics use the most advanced tools and technologies while conducting any service. By doing so, they ensure reliable results with accuracy and precision.

Therefore, you can quit searching for ‘exhaust services near me’ and come to us. Our automobile facility is at Harts Farm Way, Havant, Hampshire, PO9 1JN.

What are the signs of a malfunctioning car exhaust system?

Some of the tell-tale signs of a faulty car exhaust system are as follows:

  • Due to a leakage in the exhaust pipes, you might smell an awful stench of harmful gas in the car cabin. This gas is hazardous to the health of the driver and the passengers.
  • A faulty exhaust system reduces engine performance and increases fuel consumption drastically.
  • You come across engine misfires while starting your car due to a clogged catalytic chamber.
  • Any issue in the mufflers increases the engine noise. Further, if any other exhaust system component breaks, you will hear loud banging noises underneath the vehicle.

About our exhaust repair and replacement Havant

With a detailed inspection of all exhaust system parts, including catalytic converter, oxygen sensors, tailpipes, silencer, exhaust manifold, etc., we will try to understand the crux of the issue. As damaged exhaust components are irreparable, we will replace the malfunctioning part with the manufacturer-recommended OE-grade spares. These spare parts have a premium construction and perform right while offering a long service life.

That said, our pricing policies are transparent, and we will ensure that you do not pay any additional charges while you book any service from us.

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