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Are you looking for Summer Check for your vehicle?

According to UK statistics from 2014-2019, 26.88% of 983, 005 breakdowns occurred in the summer months of the UK i. e July, August, and September. This data alone is sufficient to indicate the essential checks that every responsible car owner should undertake to avoid such incidents.

Engine failure, dead car battery, flat tyre are some of the common phenomena of summer roads. Therefore, to ensure safe driving during the warmer part of the year and make your vehicle summer roadworthy, it is mandatory you should opt for a proper summer check before taking it out.

At Deesand MOT & Tyres, we provide a comprehensive summer car check. Our highly professional team inspects basic car units and makes sure they are in perfect working condition.

What do we check during summer car services?

Oil level

A standard oil level is mandatory to keep the engine function properly. Excessive or insufficient oil can cause irreparable damage which can lead to expensive services. Our professionals check the oil level and top up as required.

Air condition

Before venturing out in the summer, you must ensure that the car air conditioning is working optimally. Overtime due to the nature of the A/C system compressing the gas it depletes and does not work as efficiently. The A/C system has many components which all play a vital role. We can test the operation other system a diagnose any faults. Manufactures usually recommend an A/C service every 2-3 years to keep the system running smoothly, also don’t forget to use the system at least 1 a week to keep the PAG oil circulating preventing o rings and other components to fail. Keeping you cool in the summer and helps remove moisture from the cabin to de-mist windows quicker in the winter. 

Tyres and tyre pressure

Our vehicle services include inspecting the tyres, their tread depth and pressure. A tyre must have a tread depth of a minimum of 1.6 mm in the centre three quarters of the width around the whole circumference of the tyre. Although a tyre under 3MM are recommended to be change by the manufacturers due to not working to 100% efficiency. We check if your tyre meets the required tread depth, look for any punctures or uneven wear in the tyre. During summer, we advise car owners to equip their cars with summer tyres to ensure safety and superior driving experience.


Coolant does a two-way job by preventing the car from overheating during summer and freezing during winter. Our vehicle services include checking and fluid top-up.

Windscreen wipers

Over time, screen wash can develop cracks or become greasy, especially after the heavy toll of winter. We can replace these blades easily as these are affordable car products.

Apart from checking these essential units, Deesand MOT & Tyres also thoroughly inspects all the lights, brake pads, discs, screen wash etc.

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