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Check all lights + levels and adjust accordingly,
Check antifreeze strength,
Check moisture content of brake fluid (if accessible),
Check and adjust tyre pressures to correct pressure,
Inspection of brake pads and discs measurement of brake pads if accessible.
Inspection of suspension, drivetrain and under side of vehicle,
Check operation of all doors,
Check fuel filler cap,
Lubricate all doors, bonnet and tailgate hinges,
Check operation of seatbelts,
Remove road wheels, clean contact surface area, grease refit and torque to manufactures specification if locking wheel key is available.
Replace engine oil and oil filter as per manufactures specification.
Replace sump plug (if applicable).
Replace cabin filter.
Replace air filter.
Replace fuel filter.
Replace spark plugs (petrols only).
Full diagnostic print out.
Antibacterial clean to HVAC system.
Reset service light.
Stamp service book if applicable.
Price on request.

Some vehicles may require extra items checked / carried out at certain intervals - such as inspection of front and rear differential oils, transfer box oils, gearbox oil check / service.

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