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Are you looking for DPF Cleaning for your vehicle?

DPF or Diesel Particulate Filter is responsible for capturing carbon residue, flushing the ash, oxides of Sulphur and nitrogen, and soot that exit the engine during the internal combustion process. Due to this, the emission of harmful gases reduces, and it helps the vehicle follow environmental friendly standards.

However, there is a limit up to which this filter can capture the residue. Beyond this level, the DPF system requires cleaning to maintain its optimal performance.

We at Deesand Limited offer DPF Cleaning Havant at the most affordable rates. Our highly skilled mechanics will thoroughly check the condition of the DPF system before deciding the right course of action. Furthermore, our workshop has all the necessary tools and equipment to clean the clogged DPF and ensure it performs right.

When to opt for a DPF cleaning?

You can consider opting for a DPF cleaning Havant if you witness any of the following warning signs:

  • A drastic drop in fuel efficiency of your vehicle
  • Black dense smokes coming out from the tailpipe of your car exhaust
  • Reduced engine performance and slow ignition
  • Illuminated DPF warning light on the car dashboard

If you see any of these signs, do not ignore them, as they can reduce your overall driving experience and vehicle performance.

About our DPF regeneration Havant

We offer two services for cleaning DPF and catalytic converts;

1) Lose DPF. Remove the filter from the vehicle and remove any sensors and deliver it to us. We will inspect the filter to make sure a clean is warrant and there is no damage to the filter itself. Sometimes if the filter is excessively blocked it is hard to tell if there is any damage until it has been cleaned. Once clean the filter is presented back to the customer looking almost new. Please ensure all faults have been rectified before replacing the DPF and all procedures have been followed as per manufactures guidelines, reset any values and clear fault codes when refitting to the vehicle. 

2) On the vehicle. We carry out a diagnostics check to make sure there are no underlying faults which would deactivate the DPF system causing it to block. Once this step has been carried out we can inform the customer if any works need to be carried out before we go any further. It may just be a pressure sensor fault or a split pipe in which case a clean may not be required. If a clean is still required we will remove the filter from the vehicle, remove sensors, clean and refit back to the vehicle looking almost new. We will then follow the reset procedure as per manufactures guidelines, calibrate / reset any values if applicable and clear fault codes. We will then road test the vehicle.   

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